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Hoarding Simulator

Firefighters entering unsanitary and cluttered environments face serious dangers. Piles of material can collapse, cutting off exit routes. Discarded food containers, pressurized bottles and newspapers are all highly flammable. The extreme weight of hoarded item and water during fire suppression can cause entire rooms to collapse. Overloaded circuit broads and numerous extensions can be in the way. And let’s not forget deceased animals, a common occurrence in such environments…

Using realistic special effects, flip illustrations, stick-on tokens and 3D parts, the Hoarding simulator is designed for multiple audiences in mind. Teach firefighters how to act safely when entering the home of individuals with a hoarding disorder. Demonstrate to high-risk groups like seniors the importance of maintaining a clutter-free environment. And finally, help friends and family recognize how dangerous a hoarding disorder can be to an afflicted relative.

The Hoarding simulator and all components can be packed into a compact carrying case, perfect for transport from one presentation to the next.

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  • Portable and compact
  • Realistic special effects: smoke, flame, electric arc, lighting effects, sounds…
  • Flip panels turn each “hazard” into a “safe practice”
  • Remote control
  • Built-in smoke generator: no need to handle “smoke pots”, refill only once or twice a year
  • Stick-on illustrations and 3D parts
  • Takes only 3-4 minutes to set up
  • Rugged Pelican Stormcase
  • Size (presentation): 36” L x 19” D x 27” H (91 cm L x 48 cm D x 69 cm H)
  • Size (transport): 40” L x 16” D x 6.5” H (102 cm L x 41 cm D x 17 cm H)
  • Simulator weight: 30 lbs (14 kg)


  • Extended Warranty

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