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Hazard Kitchen

According to the National Fire Protection Association®, nearly half of reported home fires start in the kitchen. To better demonstrate the dangers associated with unsafe cooking, the Hazard Kitchen fire safety props offer a pair of powerful teaching aids.

Once set up from their portable case, the two Hazard Kitchen fire safety education props modules act as life-size stovetop and countertop. Realistic special effects, such as a simulated red hot electrical element, burning pot, octopus plug and toaster help teach high-risk groups such as seniors and children how to prevent cooking fires. A battery backup, even allows you to carry the still-burning pot… to better demonstrate why it should never be done!


The Stove Top Control Panel is a rear type.  Electrical element could be turn on showing ”RED HOT” condition.  Using the ”POT” & activating the button, you could show the ”flame in it”.  Explain in detail about ”how to extinguish the fire”:

  • Put your mitten.
  • Use the cover as a shield.
  • Slide the cover on top of the pot.
  • Turn-off the button to close the element (LED will turn off).
  • Wait 20 minutes to have the pot cool down


Different switches on the pot and on the control panel of the Stove Top permit to activate all different simulations. Simulate also what will happen if you remove the cover too fast… the fire will re-ignite !!

Another bad habit to correct: ”cooking with large sleeves”  Install the pot inside the stove compartment, connect the infra-red sensor to the pot & put the ”large sleeves garment”.  You are now ready to demonstrate hazards related to ”Large Sleeves Blouse” in fire and how to prevent it.


Hazard Toaster simulations:  This special toaster underneath its fabric cover could ignite in ”flames”; make sure you always disconnect any appliance left on the counter.  Use any large pot or a ”fire blanket” to stop the fire.

Also hazardous are hot and frayed wires and ”octopus plug” that have too many appliances on the same outlet.  These could generate fire from the overheating of the electrical cable.  Show that the easiest way to stop the fire will be to disconnect the cable.

The fork being used in a toaster to retrieve a burnt toast is another hazardous situation that should be demonstrated.  Show that an arc could be generated which could cause electrocution.  Protect your family from these electrical hazards by installing a GFCI outlet, (both types of outlets to be shown on the wall behind the counter).  The above hazardous situations can be highlighted by using shockingly loud electrical arcs powered by Modeltech Arc Generators that have been used over 20 years (more than 2000 deliveries of our different simulators worldwide).



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  • Realistic special effects: red hot electrical element, flame, electric arc, lighting effects…
  • Battery backup allows you to remove the still-burning pot from the module
  • Handy switches and control panel trigger the various simulations
  • Moveable stick-on tokens to demonstrate situations
  • Illustration packages
  • Rugged Pelican Stormcase
  • Takes only 2-3 minutes to set up per module
  • Size(presentation): 21”L x 19”D x 26”H (53 cm L x 48 cm D x 66 cm H)
  • Size (transport): 21” L x 16” D x 12” H (53 cm L x 40 cm D x 30 cm H)
  • Simulator weight: 28 lbs (13 kg)


  • Front door panels (for countertop)
  • Oven panel (for stovetop), with 7” LCD display showing an animated fire
  • Portable pedestal
  • Electronic module that links to Hazard House (Large Group) fire safety simulator for synchronized demo
  • Extended Warranty
  • Burning pot and red hot electrical element, to be used on the real stove top of an existing “Safety Trailer”

Complementary Products

  • Units can be purchased individually