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Hazard Hamlet Model EP.12.HOD

This version of the Hazard Hamlet energy safety simulator shows common risks around the house, all neatly packed into a light and portable briefcase.

New electrical controls allow this brand-new version to act as a standalone unit, displaying exciting features: highlighting specific rooms, LED lighting on figurines, loud digital arcs and sound effets. It’s the perfect tool to teach your audience about electrical safety in the house (4 scenes) and in the surroundings.  Two foldable panels allow the presenter to cover also neighborhood hazards (6 scenes, see below).  This new compact & economic version provides unmatched flexibility in presenting all types of electrical hazards combines with improved special effects.

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  • List of Hazards: (Indoorradio near the bathtub, octopus plug, frayed wire, fork in a toaster. (Outdoor) overhead powerline, digging near underground cable, substation, kite flying, , tree trimming, pool cleaning.
  • Portable, compact and light!
  • Realistic special effects: highlighted rooms, digital arcs, LED-lighted miniatures
  • Takes only few minutes to set up
  • Rugged briefcase
  • Size (presentation): 52” L x 16” D x 27” H (132 cm L x 41 cm D x 69 cm H)
  • Size (transport): 22” L x 16” D x 8” H (56 cm L x 41 cm D x 20 cm H)
  • Accessories case 23’L ‘x 15”D x 3”H (58cm L x 38 cm D x 7,6 cm H)
  • Simulator weight: 25 lbs (11 kg)


  • Electrical hazard illustration package
  • Extended Warranty

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