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Smart House Energy Conservation

While people are growing increasingly aware of environmental challenges and the importance of preserving energy, there’s still plenty of work to be done. The Smart House energy conservation simulator is a fun, engaging presentation tool designed to help your audience turn their energy-intensive bad habits into more eco-friendly behavior.

Using bright LED’s and panels lighting, flip illustrations, moveable 2D figures, guide your audience through an “inefficient” home and show how it can become smarter. You could even show advantages of conversion of oil furnace to heat pump and electricity domestic production through solar panels.

The mini-computer & 18” monitor will also give you rapid access to real footage videos & computer animation to convey efficiently energy conservation facts &tips.

The Smart House energy conservation simulator fits into 2 handy carrying cases. One case can be even piggy back onto the larger one during transport. When you’re done, simply pack up and move on to your next destination!

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  • Topics included: insulation, heating and cooling, windows, appliances, lighting, water, phantom power reduction, meter and more.
  • Realistic special effects: digital arc, sound animation, bright LED’S & panel lighting.
  • Wireless remote control
  • Takes only few minutes to set up
  • Rugged Pelican Stormcase (on wheels)
  • Size / (presentation): 62” L x 20” D x 34” H (158 cm L x 51 cm D x 86 cm H)
  • Size / Smart House / (transport mode): 40” L x 16” D x 7” H (102 cm L x 41 cm D x 18 cm H)
  • Size / Utility room / (transport mode): 22” L x 8” D x 19” H  (56 cm L x 20 cm D x 49 cm H)
  • Weight / Module Smart House: less than 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Weight / Module Utility Room: less than 25 lbs (11.4 kg)


  • Scan & Play System
  • Outdoor energy conservation illustration package
  • Outdoor energy and water conservation side panels
  • Extended Warranty

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