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Hazard Hamlet Model EP.11.HOA

This exciting version of the Hazard Hamlet energy safety simulator shows common risks around the house, along with removable background panels presenting exterior hazards (such as downed power lines or kite flying), all neatly packed into a light and portable briefcase. In addition, siding panels can be removed individually, to focus on the hazards of one specific room at a time.

It’s the perfect tool to teach your audience about electrical safety around the bathtub, the dangers of octopus plugs and frayed wires, and why they should be careful around toasters. Select scenes manually, then activate the loud arc by remote.

Weighting only 24 lbs (11 kg), the indoor version of the Hazard Hamlet energy safety simulator is the perfect companion to the larger outdoor version, for a truly thorough interactive presentation. It can even piggy back onto the larger simulator during transport!

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  • Portable, compact and light: only 24 lbs (11 Kg)!
  • Removable background panels showing exterior scenes: kite flying and downed power lines
  • Removable siding panels, to focus on individual rooms
  • Realistic special effects: electric arc, sparks, lighted miniatures
  • Multiple interactive scenes: radio near the bathtub, octopus plug, frayed wire, fork in a toaster
  • Takes only 1-2 minutes to set up
  • Rugged briefcase
  • Size (presentation): 48” L x 16” D x 27” H (122 cm L x 41 cm D x 69 cm H)
  • Size (transport): 22” L x 16” D x 8” H (56 cm L x 41 cm D x 20 cm H)
  • Simulator weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)


  • Electrical hazard illustration package
  • Extended Warranty

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