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Electric safety awareness display Model EP.12.HA

After 20 years and close to 800 units sold, the Hazard Hamlet electric safety awareness display has been completely redesigned in a “New Generation” package. Through realistic graphics, special effects, and wireless remote control, it’s the perfect aid to help you teach proper safety measures to the public around overhead electrical lines, underground cables, and extension cords. (see list of 8 hazards below).  Quite simply, the Hazard Hamlet electric safety display packs everything you need in a single, portable briefcase.

Guide children and students through multiple interactive scenes filled with loud electrical arcs, sparks, and lighted miniatures to present common outdoor electrical hazards… then pack up and move on to the next class or school!

Weighing less than 40 lbs (18 kg), the Hazard Hamlet electric safety awareness display comes in a handy transport case that’s easy to carry around. It requires only minimal room to display and minutes to set up.

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  • List of Hazards: substation, kite flying, padmount transformer, car accident, tree trimming, pool cleaning, hedge trimming, ladder hazards
  • Portable, compact and light
  • Realistic special effects: electric arc, sparks (10,000V, 2mA) lighted miniatures
  • Additional background scenes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Takes only few minutes to set up
  • Rugged Pelican Stormcase (on wheels)
  • Size / (presentation): 40” L x 19” D x 27” H (102 cm L x 48 cm D x 69 cm H)
  • Size / (transport): 40” L x 16” D x 7” H (102 cm L x 41 cm D x 18 cm H)
  • Weight / Module HA: less than 40 lbs (18 kg)


  • Electrical hazard illustration package
  • Smart screen
  • Extended Warranty

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