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20 September 2017

Ohio Children, Safety Towns and Hazard Hamlet – effective ways to teach electrical safety

In spring 2017, after 12 years of using the original “Hazard Hamlet” electrical safety display, Director of Marketing Terry Mazzone and Assistant Director Brian Barr of the Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative upgraded their unit to the new generation Hazard Hamlet safety model. According to Mr. Mazzone, the Hazard Hamlet is “a very effective tool for electrical safety presentations […], keeping the audience captivated until the end”.

Additional new features, such as focused lighting on individual rooms, bright LED figurine lighting and arcing and digital sound effects are being rolled out this fall on this latest version of the Hazard Hamlet / House module (HOL). The Modeltech R&D Department is also working on other safety displays to integrate those interactive features and more to the ‘Gas Hazard House’ and the Smart House Energy Conservation unit, just in time for the end of the year. If you’re planning for a Christmas gift, give us a call!

Teaching electrical safety to Ohio children
The August 2017 edition of Ohio Cooperative Living further reports on how the organization uses this highly effective electrical safety display to teach good habits to local children.

The publication reports that the small-scale electrical safety model is being used as a teaching tool at the cooperative’s office as part of a facility tour, as well as local schools, 4-H group meetings and libraries, as well as the Lorain County Fair. Out of the numerous accidents scenarios of the safety display, the “loud zap of electricity” is specifically mentioned as grabbing children’s attention!

LaGrange Safety Town
Each summer, the LaGrange Safety Town teaches young children about traffic, bike, pedestrian, bus, fire and seatbelt safety, when to call 911 and how to act safely around strangers. The LMRE Coop is proud to add electrical safety demonstrations to the mix. ‘Safety Town’ is a very popular community activity all across OH townships. It brings together educators from Fire Departments, Police Departments and Electrical Utilities for an interactive day with the young crowd. “Kids take away the safety rules in general when attending the program”, says LaGrange Patrolman Mark Turner. “Demonstrations help them learn and have fun at the same time.”

Library Summer Reading Club
In Wellington, Energy Services Advisor Don Foster hosted a demonstration at the Summer Reading Club of the Herrick Memorial Library. A Hazard Hamlet safety display was used to teach children about electrical safety, explaining how everyday situations can be dangerous, and to stop, look and think whenever electricity is involved. Mr. Foster also shared tips on how to be more energy-efficient at home.

Source : Ohio Cooperative Living