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25 November 2014

Now available: 811/911 module for new generation Hazard Hamlet electrical safety simulator

Continuing on the renewed success of the Hazard Hamlet NewGen simulator and after positive feedback from electrical utilities throughout USA & Canada, Modeltech is pleased to confirm the addition of an 811/911 module for Hazard Hamlet, making this simulator even a more complete to support your innovative electrical safety program.

After 20 years and over 700 units sold, the Hazard Hamlet Energy Safety Simulator has already been completely redesigned in a “New Generation” package. Through realistic graphics, special effects and a handy remote control, this new concept provides unmatched flexibility in presenting multiple electrical hazards and improved visibility.

Now, the addition of a 811/911 module adds even more teaching possibilities to the mix. Loud electrical arcs, sparks, lights and a hand-held miniature are all at your disposal to teach how to avoid hazards such as ground gradients and energized bodies. A handy illustration package provides even more teaching aids for group presentations.

Designed in collaboration with many electric utilities, the extension features, in addition to standard outdoor and indoor electrical hazards, multiple new scenes: back-hoe digging for “call before you dig”, a car accident causing a downed power line, a power line damaged by a storm and different touch energized scenarios. To name only a few, the following utilties helped develop this innovative electrical safety module: