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19 December 2022

Fire Safety Prop & New Hampshire State Fire Marshall


Mary MacCaffrie, Public Education Specialist for the State of NH,  mentioned that the Office created a dedicated section in 2009 with part-time Education Specialists dedicated exclusively to Fire Prevention & Life Safety education.  One important aspect of this is using Fire Safety Prop.

At the inception of the education section 13 years ago, Mary MacCaffrie joined the NH SFM Office. Amongst a diversity of educative tools available, Modeltech’s fire Safety Hazard House was already considered a valuable  FP&S educative tool. The Original Hazard House fire safety prop simulator was popular to help deliver FP&S messages!

Hazard Kitchen

Mary was instrumental in the purchase of MDT’s newer and most up-to-date models. The Compact Hazard House simulator + Garage (FP.14) and the (Hazard Kitchen simulator (HKP). Related to the older population,  the Hazard Kitchen has proven to be a NH SFM prevention tool of choice.  All simulators were direct purchases by the NH SFM Office. No grant was required at the time.

The NH SFM Office uses MDT’s simulators for very distinct audiences. The Hazard House is mainly used for Elementary Schools education. It is also ideal for Community Safety Fairs.  As for the Hazard Kitchen (HKP), they are preferred for ‘senior citizens presentations’. Mary mentioned the success of the HKP simulator for Kitchen safety education.

NH Fire Department will from time to time borrow the simulators for their own FP&S School Safety Fairs and Open houses.

Kitchen Safety prop

Mary rates MDT’s simulator as very efficient, especially to get attention.  There is a huge interest to use MDT’s simulators in their educational presentations. She is very positive about the many special effects the simulators offer and how impactful MDT’s simulators are to strengthen their messages. Mary was affirmative, Modeltech’s simulators  (FP.14 + Gar. & HKP), both deserve a 10/10 rating.


Hazard Kitchen

MDT’s ‘special effects are very helpful in maintaining their audiences captivated through all their educative presentations.

The NH SFM Office sometimes uses the ‘sparky suit and/or sparky robot’, to attract audience. They will then engage with their ‘Learn not to Burn’ lessons and will present a set-up of the Hazard Kitchen safety prop and or Hazard House fire safety prop.

Fire Safety Prop

The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office, NH, has recently celebrated its 75th anniversary!  After 13 years of dedicated services as NH ‘Public Education Specialist’, Mary retired at the end of 2022. With a Master’s Degree in Education, plus her 30 years in NH Elementary Schools as a teacher,  Mary MacCaffrie has brought strong credentials and expertise to the NH SFM Office Education Division! Let’s wish her a ‘Happy Retirement!