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12 July 2017

How did I learn about Hazard House?

Danielle Robertson, from the Charlton Fire Department, MA, shares the story of how she first discovered the Hazard House fire safety prop.

“I was participating at the Fire & Life Safety Education Conference, organized each year by the Department of Fire Services in Westford, MA, and a course titled ‘How to Use the “Hazard House” caught my attention,” says Danielle. “I was attracted by this interactive “doll house size” display. I was quickly convinced that this portable fire safety simulator could make my fire prevention presentation much more memorable, for all kinds of audiences.”

“With the help of my colleague and specialist in grant funding, Terry Gough, we found a way to acquire this wonderful piece of equipment. The purchase of a Hazard House— Large Group model, with additional Hazard Kitchen stovetop and countertop modules, was sponsored by the Barton Center for Diabetes Education.”

“More recently, Terry further succeeded in financing the acquisition of a Hazard Apartment fire safety simulator, a brand-new equipment designed for presentations in senior homes.