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27 January 2023

McAllen FD, TX Story… Fire Safety Prop

Fire Prevention & Safety

McAllen FD, TX was founded in 1911, some 111 years ago, and to Public Educator Officer Mark Zamora’s recollection; the Department has always been proactive for Fire Prevention & Safety as he recalls.

A couple of years back, the Department realized a major step forward in introducing into their FP&S Education program, the newest Modeltech’s fire safety prop, the compact Hazard House simulator model FP.13 and the Hazard Kitchen modules with Countertop (HKC.12) and Stove Top modules (HKS.11).

Fortunately, MDT’s simulators were purchased through a “State Farm Grant” and were immediately introduced to their FP&S program in fall of 2021.

Ideal for small groups of people

Now that the Covid restrictions are easing away, the McAllen FD is renewing its FP&S education program. Their main targeted audience is the “homeowner’s groups” and alike. Mark mentioned that MDT’s simulators are ideal when used with small groups of people.

As per Mark, “MDT’s prevention tools” are really doing their job to educate any age audience.  Especially to enlighten any class of the 29 schools in their district.

The McAllen FD is always looking for new opportunities to present the simulators. Annual Summer fairs, Health fairs, are typical events for more prevention & safety sessions in the community.

When asked how MDT’s simulators are perceived by the public, Mark replied that MDT’s simulators are totally captivating, thus yielding attention & retention!

During his FP&S presentations, Mark likes to use a “local fire story” caused by an “oil dispenser” placed too close to a stove heat source… the result was devastating, the house burned down completely. He said that this story with the HKP demo has a strong impact on his audiences!

Realist Scenes

Mark uses the Hazard Kitchen simulator  to remove one by one all the hazardous scenes in display. When asked on his most favorite and impactful scene, but his preferred one is “the fire on the stove” .

He confirms that  the powerful “remembering effects” of the fire safety prop. With effect like the arcing sounds and more, you really get the “full attention” from any audiences.