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15 July 2022

Fire Safety Prop and Safety Education Village


Years after years,  the Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village ( CCSEV ) educate over 4,000 students from the Western NY Communities. The CCSEV’s ‘Fire & Safety Education Program’ incorporate Modeltech’ s ‘Hazard House’ fire safety prop .

The CCSEV is visited regularly by the Western NY Community Schools… 22 Schools Districts it is! They also welcome students coming out of Buffalo and Rochester NY and more!


Safety Village with Fire Safety Prop

As described by Jessica Dayton, actual Executive Director of the CCSEV, Modeltech’ s simulator is at the center of the CCSEV program and plays a major role in preparing the students for their journey through the CCSEV village ‘Educational Program…

On a scale of 1 to 10, Jessica gave Modeltech’ s simulators a score of 11 mostly for a very powerful ‘learning & remembering’ effect. Kids love to participate in identifying & removing all hazards to transform this unique fire safety prop into a ‘safe environment’.

She mentioned that a very comprehensive and efficient remote control give direct access to all different special effects like flame, ‘smoke’, arcing & multi-media presentation…

The ease to move around facilitate the set-up to ‘State Fairs’ and ‘Community Safety Days’ to reach different type of audience. Automatic presentations thru the new Smart Screen option (SMS) incorporates dramatic videos and activation of all special effects for a memorable multi-media experience.


Educational Program

The CCSEV programs are aimed at Pre-K students up to 6th grade students. With the help of the fire prevention simulator, the CCSEV’s Educational Program is amongst the best rated Educational Programs in USA!

The Hazard House fire safety prop is used first with kids to create awareness to fire hazards. This to be an intro to the ‘mock apartment’ (live size) built-in the main education facility. With classes of up to 30 students per presentation, the educator would tour the ‘Hazard House’ from room to room. The negatives scenarios are replaced by a safe and secured environment, for them and their families!

The CCSEV educational program has never stopped during the pandemic ! Due to distancing regulations, students were not allowed to visit the CCSEV. The education program was then readapted to reach the student directly in their classrooms… With a camera, the CCSEV Educators would go through the Hazard House simulator from room to room. Thus permitting the continuation of their CCSEV educational presentations using zoom internet platform. Online teaching was the answer!