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16 August 2022

Fire Safety Prop and FP&S FEMA

The Chautauqua Children Safety Education Village ( CCSEV ) in Ashville, NY benefit from FP&S FEMA grant again to purchase a new fire safety prop.

Back in the 90’s the idea of the CCSEV originated when the Board of Directors tour Safety Villages located in Ontario. Convinced by what they saw, the directors decided to import the concept to the Western NY Community. They started immediately working to get funding for a Safety Village concept.

In 2010, after more than 10 years of dedicated work by the CCSEV Directors, the project came to life. A great example of determination and perseverance by the directors with the help of the local Business Communities in Western NY! The Western NY Communities support was pivotal to the creation of the CCSEV. For example, local businesses contributed to building the village infrastructure.


Safety Village with Fire Safety Prop

‘Hazard House’ was discovered during their initial Safety Village tour in Ontario. The ‘Hazard House’  fire safety simulator was a key educational element to help deliver their Safety & Prevention messages (S&P) to the kids. In 2006, through the FP&S FEMA grant, the 1st ‘Hazard House’ fire safety prop (original model) was incorporated in the S&P program. In 2018, the ‘Hazard House’ Large group model including new special effects & features like computer, screen & automatic mode presentation (SMS option) was acquired again thru the 2017 FP&S grant…

As described by Jessica Dayton, actual Executive Director of the CCSEV, Modeltech’s simulator is at the center of the CCSEV program and plays a major role in preparing the students for their journey through the CCSEV village ‘Educational Program…

Educational Program

This fire prevention simulator excel in teaching students about the most important F&S messages by ensuring greater attention from their audiences. Remembering all F&S messages are then maximized, especially in preparing them for the next step in the CCSEV program…. Going through the ‘mock apartment’ challenges in the ‘main educational facility’! All CCSEV Preventionist agrees… the Hazard House simulator is instrumental to the overall success of their S&P Educational Program.

Fire Safety Simulator

During summertime, CCSEV will host ‘Summer Camps’ visits + have weekly ‘Summer Evening Program’ with parents. Later in fall, there will be also ‘Halloween Fun Fair’ and ‘fire prevention week’. ‘First Responder’ present then the simulator side by side with their fire truck ‘attractive features’ .  This fire safety prop generates a maximum impact on all age groups!

CCSEV educational program never stops during the pandemia! Due to distancing regulations, students were not allowed to visit the CCSEV. The education program was then readapted to reach the student directly in their classrooms… With a camera, the CCSEV Educators would go through the Hazard House simulator from room to room. Thus permitting the continuation of their CCSEV educational presentations using zoom internet platform. Online teaching was the answer!