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8 September 2022

Fire Prevention & Safety Education

ON YOUR MARK, READY, GO… on March 2020, almost all of Public Schools Fire Prevention & Safety Education have come to a STOP!!!


For the last 2 years, with Covid-19 distancing limitations, many Fire Departments and Organizations promoting Fire Prevention & Safety Education in Schools needed to re-think their approach to School Students education… But how?


The Orangeville Fire Department directed by Fire Prevention Officer Dwight Van Alstine (25 years’ service) and Fire Prevention Inspector Kelly Condon (6 years’ service) came with a solution to offer continuality to Public Schools Fire Prevention & Safety Education, by using Modeltech’s fire safety props tools…

a) the Hazard House simulator (model FHH__), mainly used to educate Pre-K to 8 graders.

b) the Hazard Kitchen simulator (model HKS__), mainly used in ‘safe cooking classes’, for grade 7th & 8th .


The SOLUTION… because distancing is part of today’s life, Fire Prevention Inspector Kelly Condon negotiated with the Orangeville School Board to set in place, a pre-approved ‘virtual fire prevention & safety educational session’ for classroom, using Modeltech’s props to drive the many safety messages for all Orangeville students.


The HOW… From her office at the Fire Department, depending on the audience :

  1. Kelly will select and set-up the appropriate simulator for her presentation that day. In front of a camera (recording by Zoom or alike), Kelly will communicate with the students virtually.
  2. At the same time in the school, in a class equipped with a large screen, students have been scheduled to assist to a FP&S presentation. They are divided in small groups. Each group will be given large pictures with hazardous scenes.  For example: rooms, kitchen, hallway, etc. were being used from the simulator that day.
  3. Using the pictures, the program starts when all the groups are identifying the hazards with the help of Kelly.
  4. Following with the video conferencing, Kelly will exchange with the students on the hazards discovered.  She will reinforce the proper scenarios with the students present.
  5. In closing, Kelly will use the Modeltech’s props to transform one by one, the UNSAFE scenarios to SAFE scenarios.   The simulator special effects and fire simulation are very helpful to keep the audience focus.

WHY the Orangeville FD is using Modeltech’s simulators for their ‘virtual presentations’ with their Public Schools students…

  1. The teachers participating to the presentation, have rated the MDT’s simulators, giving a 10/10 for the learning and remembering generated.
  2. The involvement of the students in the lesson, was judged by the School Board extremely efficient.  
  3. Now that most of the teaching is done by internet, lots of time is spent by the student in front of their computer… Teachers have express to welcome the Orangeville FD FP&S presentations like a ‘TREAT’ by their students, not having to spend all day in front of their computer.


Many thanks to the Orangeville FD Fire Prevention Group for their ‘virtual FP&S presentations initiative, permitting a continuality in their SAFE messages in their community!


For more information on the Hazard House, the Hazard Kitchen and other fire safety props, please visit :