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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about our products and services, or if you need support, please contact us.

1. What is the target age group for Modeltech simulators and options?

Our simulators can be used with all age groups, from daycare to seniors. They are often used with pre-school and elementary school age kids (ex: Hazard House), but are equally effective at conveying safety messages to seniors (ex: Senior Hazard House). Because of the great number of features and elements built into the simulators, educators can easily adapt their presentation to the audience.

2. How do Modeltech simulators complement your education programs?

It’s not just about the simulators; we provide comprehensive options with full package. The simulator, joined with other supportive products like our Smartscreen, web simulators and adapted giveaways, will allow you a much broader array of topics to choose from. More importantly, the options involve both the kids and their parents through our web products. The kids get to bring home personalized handouts that invite the parents to learn more about safety with their kids on an interactive website that is unique to our customers. Monthly statistics help you track the progress of your efforts.

3. Does the simulator come with instructions?

Your unit comes with a detailed User Guide that contains a suggested script, describing in great detail the information that should be covered in each room. Instructions on how to plug in the unit, fill up the smoke pots (for the Hazard House Large Group unit), and use the remote control are also included in this comprehensive guide. We also supply you with training video that shows how to set up and operate the simulator (for the Hazard House Large Group unit).

4. What is the warranty?

Your brand new simulator comes with a full one-year warranty on parts and labor. In addition, certain models offer the possibility to purchase extended years of warranty.

5. What are the dimensions and weight of the simulators?

The specifications are listed at the bottom of each unit’s description, underneath Features.

6. Are the simulators easy to transport?

All our simulators have been specially designed to be easy to set-up, dismantle and transport. The structure is constructed of very tough but light material. They are mounted on casters for easy portability. A special leash handle allows the presenter to pull the unit along the ground.
Compact units come into a durable carrying case (FP and EP series).

7. Is the protective cover essential to transport the unit?

The covers are recommended for our models as they protect your investment. Although most models don’t require it, it is a good idea to get a cover to ensure longevity of your program.

8. What is the advantage of the Hazard Hamlet over other high voltage display boards?

Hazard Hamlet is safe! You don’t have to wear gloves when operating the unit. Unlike other boards, there is no danger of being harmed when using Hazard Hamlet. The unit is easy to use, and you do not have to be a lineman to operate it. Hazard Hamlet depicts all the typical electrical hazards in the neighborhood as well as in the home. The display is a vertical 3D representation of the town, allowing it to be more visible to your audience.
While the simulator is safe, it does create real live electrical arcing. Do not touch the arc. Use caution, but be aware that other high voltage display boards currently available on the market could truly harm you or your audience.

9. How easy is the Hazard Hamlet simulator to operate?

The unit only takes a few minutes to set up. Its handy carrying case makes it easy to transport. It can safely be used by any member of the utility staff; like public relations personnel, linemen, management or others who are comfortable with the subject of electrical safety.

10. What is the voltage of the electrical arcing?

The simulator operates with regular 120 V current. The simulator then transforms the electricity to a voltage of approximately 10,000 V with a 2 milliamps current at arcing points.

11. What’s the difference between the Hazard House and the Sparky®’s Hazard House?

The Sparky® edition of the hazard house is all-inclusive. It’s a package built around the Sparky® character and the NFPA Risk Watch® program. Priced as a package, it includes all of the available options as well as adding extra NFPA stuff. Specifically, you get:

  • Ten (10) extra Home Hazard Safety illustrations
  • One extra Header Banner of Sparky The Fire Dog®

Please consider the additional available package set that allows you to adjust your Hazard House® presentations to local issues. The sets range from farm safety to emergency preparedness and more.

12. What are the neighborhood risk panels and the Hazard House packages?

Hazard House is built with a set of special dual panels that form the doors of simulator. When fully opened, the unit reveals the inside view of the “house”. When split opened, it shows the outside view of the home. In that latter mode, you can use a series of packages that are available as options, to relate topics like injury prevention and neighborhood safety (NFPA’s Risk Watch® Program) or topics ranging from Farm Safety to Urban Wildfire Interface to Disaster Preparedness and more…

13. How do you clean background graphics in the House?

The only maintenance required for the background graphics in the Hazard House and Hazard Hamlet is to wipe it down with a dry cloth regularly. This technical question and many others are addressed in the specific product User Guide.

14. How long should a bottle of liquid smoke last? Can I use the liquid smoke used in a Safety Trailer’s smoke generator?

Depending on the number of presentations done, average liquid use is about one or two bottles per year. We recommended that you order replacement liquid smoke directly from Modeltech. Do not use “Safety Trailer” or “Stage” smoke liquid, as it does not have the same chemical composition.

16. Can you assist us with locating funding?

We will support you in your initiatives to get funding by:

  • Directing you to potential sponsors
  • Suggesting community grants or foundations