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Corporate Overview

About Us

Modeltech designs and manufactures interactive simulators that help public educators and trainers raise awareness about diverse topics such as fire and energy safety, energy conservation, workplace safety and crime prevention.

Since the 1990s, Modeltech has helped convey critical information to audiences for thousands of fire departments, electrical utilities, public safety departments, insurance companies and police departments.

Our R&D engineers are constantly improving the available product line, whether through custom designs or by updating popular models to integrate new technology and respond to changing habits. Our flagship products, Hazard House and Hazard Hamlet, are now third-generation designs!

Maximum impact for all age groups

Combining realistic special effects, 3D parts, lighting and sound, Modeltech simulators are a powerful teaching aid, helping your audience better understand and retain the information.

Modeltech simulators have been successfully used for presentations to children, teens, homeowners, seniors and even specialized workers such as first responders and polices corps.

Second Generation

In 1989, the company developed a model that could help teach children about electrical hazards. Hazard Hamlet®, the first hazard simulator was launched. In 1995, the concept was adapted to accommodate fire safety education with the creation of the Hazard House®.

Portable and compact

All Modeltech simulators are portable and can be set up in only minutes. Compact units fit inside a durable stormcase, and even oversized simulators meant for large audiences can be folded down and transported in a compact car. When you’re done with your presentation, you can simply pack up and move on to the next group!

Financing, grants and sponsorships

Modeltech simulators can be purchased with a payment plan. We can also direct you to eligible grants, or help obtain financing (for example, by including a local sponsor’s logo on your unit). Simply contact us to discuss financing possibilities.

We invite you to have a look at our extensive range of available simulators.


Can’t find one that fits your needs? Contact us and let’s discuss the possibility of designing a custom simulator from scratch.