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1 December 2022

The Newton County Fire Services success story

The Newton County Fire Services

The Newton County Fire Services (NCFS) was created in 1971 and right at the beginning, fire prevention education and cooking safety were at the forefront of their organization.

Having major issues in the County with stove fire, newly appointed in 2018, Fire Safety Specialist James Franklin saw the necessity to incorporate Modeltech’s simulators into their FP&S prevention program.

James needed a prevention educative tool with visual impacts, with special effects, where people could see for themselves… something more realistic than videos or FP&S articles.

Cooking Safety Prop

As the responsible person, he immediately requested the purchase of the ”Hazard Kitchen” Cooking Safety Prop through their budget. The Stovetop and Countertop modules were both included in his request.

Those props proved to be the ideal tools to address the Senior citizen audiences. That is where most fire incidents in the kitchen are happening in the County. Another important audience is the 13 Elementary school students, all middle & high schools (7 to 12 graders). Kitchen fire hazards for ‘home alone’ students is a hot subject for this academic audience.

Specialist James Franklin recalled being overwhelmed by senior citizens still using toaster linen covers or having paper towels close by the stove elements and about overloaded outlets situations. The ‘Hazard kitchen’ (HKP) presentations are ‘real eye openers’ he says and drastically help to put an end to these old but hazardous practices. Seeing is believing and believing changes behaviors!

Modeltech’s HKP simulators are also the perfect educating tool for Homeowners Groups and alike, James mentioned. Those Cooking Safety modules are well received by both, Fire Prevention Educators and students alike… It is captivating, it is impactful to drive safety messages and the ‘special effects, produce powerful ‘remembering effects’. The ‘flame simulation’ and the ‘arcing sound’ effects simulating electrocution, are unmatchable to keep your audience captivated.

The Hazard Kitchen units are portable, self-contained, versatile and easy to move around. Compared to fire prevention trailers, where much more manpower is required, the HKP can be moved anywhere easily.  Super easy to set-up, Modeltech’s simulators are gems to work with… all you need is an electrical outlet and audience!