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15 September 2023

Cooking Fire Safety Prop for Australia

REMEMBERING the 2009 ‘BLACK SATURDAY bushfire’ in Victoria State, Australia…


CFA District 12, one of the many “Emergency Services Response Agencies” part of the Victoria State, AU… DO remembers the 2009 “Black Saturday” brushfire for being the worst brushfire ever to take place in Australia!  “Black Saturday” brushfire was responsible for the loss of 178 local lives, 178 friends, and family sadly!

Cooking Fire Safety Prop

In memory of the “Black Saturday” disaster, many improvements and adjustments were made to their education programs. One of those was to incorporate Modeltech Int’l fire prevention simulators into their FP&S program. The ‘Hazard Kitchen-Stovetop’ (HKS) & ‘Hazard Kitchen-Countertop’ (HKC) units were then purchased. The CFA District 12 have then dedicated 100% of their FP&S efforts to educate the local population on the region’s vulnerability to fire.


Matt Ahern is Community Education Coordinator for the CFA District 12. He strongly contributed to the decision to include Modeltech’s fire prevention simulators in their FP&S educative program. The simulators were judged important in helping the Community better understand the many possible fire hazards in their region.


Matt Ahern described Modeltech’s Hazard Kitchen prevention units as very powerful educational tools. Those could be used with senior citizens, level 2 secondary school students, young adults cooking for themselves, etc. Those are also easy to carry around (portable) and set up (ready to demo), complete with hazard messages.


Their program will also target all major events in the region, including the Royal Farming Show and the Seymore Agricultural Fair. These yearly events usually draw larger audiences, which are ideal for MDT simulators to deliver prevention & safety messages!


When asked how Modeltech’s simulators are received by the general public, and also by the Educators using them, Matt was adamant. Hazard Kitchen units reinforce strongly the FP&S messages to the “vulnerable community” for the presenters and participants!

Special Effects

As Matt indicated, what’s most impressive about Modeltech’s simulators cooking fire safety prop is their realistic look and special effects, All hazard simulations, such as the vivid flame simulations & red hot element on the stove are totally safe to enact. The 3D scenes and special effects are uniquely captivating, thus ensuring that the audience REMEMBERS the SAFETY MESSAGES.


Matt has also confirmed how the simulators have greatly improved his audience’s attention and retention when doing his FP&S educational presentations.

For larger audiences, such as fairs, festivals, exhibitions, etc., the CFA District 12 Fire House trailer will house the Hazard Kitchen unit. This giving the CFA District 12 Educators yet another opportunity to share their FP&S messages.



Matt recalled the story of a “mom”, that participated to one of his educative presentations. The Lady, cooking for her to 2 children’s, mistakenly left the frying pot unattended… In no time, their smoke alarm confirming a pot fire in progress on her stove. Fortunately, she immediately covered the fire with blanket stored nearby. The fire was rapidly controlled, thanks for the quick reaction of the mother. She was very happy to have assisted to one of Matt’s educative presentations!


The pandemic was not much of a problem for the CFA Group. They successfully transitioned from in-person education presentations to virtual presentations with their own local Community Online programs.