Ohio Children, Safety Towns and Hazard Hamlet – effective ways to teach electrical safety

In spring 2017, after 12 years of using the original “Hazard Hamlet” electrical safety display, Director of Marketing Terry Mazzone and Assistant Director Brian Barr of the Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative upgraded their unit to the new generation Hazard Hamlet safety model. According to Mr. Mazzone, the Hazard Hamlet is “a very effective tool for electrical safety presentations […], keeping the audience captivated until the end”.

Additional new features, such as focused lighting on individual rooms, bright LED figurine lighting and arcing and digital sound effects are being rolled out this fall on this latest version of the Hazard Hamlet / House module (HOL). The Modeltech R&D Department is also working on other safety displays to integrate those interactive features and more to the ‘Gas Hazard House’ and the Smart House Energy Conservation unit, just in time for the end of the year. If you’re planning for a Christmas gift, give us a call!


Teaching electrical safety to Ohio children

The August 2017 edition of Ohio Cooperative Living further reports on how the organization uses this highly effective electrical safety display to teach good habits to local children.

The publication reports that the small-scale electrical safety model is being used as a teaching tool at the cooperative’s office as part of a facility tour, as well as local schools, 4-H group meetings and libraries, as well as the Lorain County Fair. Out of the numerous accidents scenarios of the safety display, the “loud zap of electricity” is specifically mentioned as grabbing children’s attention!


LaGrange Safety Town

Each summer, the LaGrange Safety Town teaches young children about traffic, bike, pedestrian, bus, fire and seatbelt safety, when to call 911 and how to act safely around strangers. The LMRE Coop is proud to add electrical safety demonstrations to the mix. ‘Safety Town’ is a very popular community activity all across OH townships. It brings together educators from Fire Departments, Police Departments and Electrical Utilities for an interactive day with the young crowd. “Kids take away the safety rules in general when attending the program”, says LaGrange Patrolman Mark Turner. “Demonstrations help them learn and have fun at the same time.”


Library Summer Reading Club

In Wellington, Energy Services Advisor Don Foster hosted a demonstration at the Summer Reading Club of the Herrick Memorial Library. A Hazard Hamlet safety display was used to teach children about electrical safety, explaining how everyday situations can be dangerous, and to stop, look and think whenever electricity is involved. Mr. Foster also shared tips on how to be more energy-efficient at home.

Source : Ohio Cooperative Living

Hazard Hamlet Model EP-12Gas

The Gas and Electrical Hazard Hamlet energy safety simulator is designed for interactive presentations to groups and classrooms of 20 to 30 people. Based on our best-selling Hazard Hamlet electric safety model, it's a riveting teaching aid designed to help children and homeowners, remembering to act safely. 

Through realistic special effects, bright LED's and panels lighting, sound animation illustrated "flip panels" and 3D accessories, show your audience the proper safety measures when dealing with natural gas, carbon monoxide and electricity.

The incorporated mini-computer & 18'' monitor will give you rapid access to real footage videos & computer animation to convey efficiently gas & electrical safety messages.  Show how to recognize CO2 intoxication symptoms, how to evacuate in the event of a gas leak, and why annual inspections are a must on home appliances.  

While remaining an impressive presentation tool, the Gas and Electric Hazard Hamlet safety display is built in two handy carrying cases to facilitate transport. Whether in a classroom, apartment building or at an outdoor event, simply roll it in, set it up and demonstrate how to prevent and react to gas leaks!

20 years of energy safety awareness using the ‘Hazard Hamlet’ simulator.

Terry McAlpine has worked as Public Safety Coordinator for Connexus Energy in Minnesota for 20 years. After making extensive use of the Hazard Hamlet Electrical Safety display manufactured by Modeltech Int’l. , Terry had the opportunity to work with the new-generation el of this best-selling safety model.

“Recently, we updated to the ‘Hazard Hamlet new generation’. This exciting new concept offers a choice of 3 modules to suit your targeted audience and your budget. Improved features include larger real-life characters, realistic graphics and a wireless remote that adds a lot of flexibility to your presentation, says Terry. He also mention that the loud arcing effect is always highly effective at grabbing kids’ attention.

As mentioned in a previous article, the new 811/911 module provides additional hazards, such as a back-hoe hitting an underground cable – a reminder of the important ‘CALL BEFORE YOU DIG’ safety awareness program – and a car accident. In this case, multiple hazardous situations can be recreated, like how to escape a vehicle touched by a downed power line, the risk associated with the ground gradient phenomenon and energized bodies, and even the shocking hazards of touching a guard-rail !

Terry enjoyed the durable transport case on wheels as well, and how simple it is to prepare before a presentation. “It makes setup very easy: you can be done in just a few minutes.”

“The Hazard Hamlet is a very effective and reliable teaching tool. We have found the electrical safety display to be a perfect fit in the schools and at community event. “

But in Terry’s opinion, the Hazard Hamlet’s greatest appeal is the impact it has on people’s mind. “You can leave a lasting impression, with life-saving results.”

To read the original story of the new 811/911 module, CLICK HERE.

Electrical Safety Prop

After more than 30 years of service, Terry McAlpine recently retired from Connexus Energy. We wish him a happy – and safe – retirement! 

Electrical Safety Prop with grounded vehicle

Multiple hazardous situations can be recreated - like the shocking hazards of touching a guard-rail!

Safe Kids Conference: Children’s Hospital Promotes Youth Safety In Ohio

Safe Kids Conference: Children’s Hospital Promotes Youth Safety In Ohio

During the recent Safe Kids Conference, held June 20-21 in Washington D.C., we had the pleasure to meet with Lisa Pardi, who works as Injury Prevention Coordinator at the Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron (CHMCA) in Ohio. The hospital is a key member of the local Safe Kids Coalition, a worldwide organization committed to safety education for children.

In addition to education programs, Safe Kids also helps provide discount safety equipment, grants, funding and research data, and is a vocal advocate for children safety with the local, state and national government.

The Akron Safe Kids Coalition can count on the support of numerous local organizations, such as fire and police departments, school boards and national partners like AAA and First Energy. "Everyone contributes by providing expert content according to their field, whether for advocacy or education, as well as volunteer work, grants and funding", explains Lisa Pardi.

The Hazard Hamlet Electrical Safety Simulator

The Hazard Hamlet simulator is a perfect example of collaboration among Safe Kids members: the Children's Hospital acquired it after a recommendation from the local fire department, and First Energy provided the necessary funding. "We find it really helpful in reaching out to children: it shows what could happen, what the risks are both inside and outside the home."

The simulator has been extensively used for presentations in front of hundreds of thousands of students and parents. "Everyone likes it: it's a very engaging tool that stimulates all the senses".

After years of using the original Hazard Hamlet, Lisa Pardi considers the new, compact version of the simulator as a blessing for people of smaller stature, like herself: "Anything that can make it easier to move and transport equipment is welcome!". The more compact size is also appreciated when storage space is an issue.

For the future, Lisa Pardi would be delighted to see new simulators addressing issues such as flood or extreme weather dangers and pool safety.

Smart House Energy Conservation

While people are growing increasingly aware of environmental challenges and the importance of preserving energy, there's still plenty of work to be done. The Smart House energy conservation simulator is a fun, engaging presentation tool designed to help your audience turn their energy-intensive bad habits into more eco-friendly behavior.

Using bright LED's and panels lighting, flip illustrations, moveable 2D figures,  guide your audience through an "inefficient" home and show how it can become smarter.  You could even show advantages of conversion of oil furnace to heat pump and electricity domestic production through solar panels. 

The mini-computer & 18'' monitor will also give you rapid access to real footage videos & computer animation to convey efficiently energy conservation facts &tips.

The Smart House energy conservation simulator fits into 2 handy carrying cases. One case can be even piggy back onto the larger one during transport.  When you're done, simply pack up and move on to your next destination!


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