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  • Know more about living safely at home
  • Know how to use electricity & gas safely.
  • Know energy efficiency and be environmentally friendly.
  • Know how to make your environment safer.


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Few of our clients

Knowing is Living! Act Smart!


Learn how to pass on the gift of life by TEACHING SAFETY in a more dynamic and efficient way.


Make sure your audience practice what to do by using Modeltech’s EDUCATIONAL SIMULATORS.




Thousands of our training tools are used worldwide by public educators and trainers to deliver fun, engaging & cost-efficient safety education.


For more than 20 years, ELECTRICAL SAFETY Coordinators & FIRE SAFETY Officers educate the public & raise ELECTRICAL & FIRE HAZARDS  AWARENESS using ‘Hazard Hamlet’ and ‘Hazard House’ simulators.


Now ENERGY CONSERVATION Trainer & WORKPLACE SAFETY Instructor are joining the group by using ‘SmartHouse’ and ‘Hazard Office’ EDUCATIONAL TRAINERS.


The following KEY BENEFITS for the PUBLIC EDUCATOR & the COMMUNITY are:






 Maximize learning & remembering by all age groups and in any language.

Bring knowledge everywhere with easy-to-carry simulators.




High impact awareness about electrical & fire hazards.

Change attitude towards their own safety & environmental behavior.

Better prevention of accidents, fires, casualties &  property loss.